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Akron's Sykes runs for auditor

Cleveland Plain Dealer, January 25, 2006:
Sykes, a state representative and former member of Akron City Council, pledged to be "an independent voice to ensure accountability and make sure taxpayers get their money's worth."

She then left supporters howling and onlookers gasping by uttering what may prove to be the campaign's most memorable quip.

"We knew that Bob Ney was a crook when he left Ohio . . . but we sent our problem to Congress. . . . We knew Paul Jones was a crook when he left Columbus" to become mayor of Ravenna, Sykes told a news conference.

"They can sue me if they like. I'm 50 years old. I'm going through menopause, and I can handle it."

Republican Ney and Democrat Jones have been investigated but never convicted of criminal charges. Both were central figures in a 1995 Statehouse speaking-fee scandal, and Ney is now a target in a federal investigation of Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.